Introductory Course

The one day Introductory Course is designed to give participants a solid grounding on which to base their therapeutic work with LGBTI clients.

The first half of the day examines some of the common myths surrounding the LGBTI community and how they have been used to shape prejudice and policy in all levels of society. Ten myths will be examined and dispelled, which includes the origins of a same-sex orientation, the nature of LGBTI relationships, and the rarely covered area of LGBTI spirituality.

The second half of the day covers some of the common issues that LGBTI people face growing up in a ‘heteronormative’ world and how this can lead to the well publicised mental health problems. Special focus will be given to the ‘coming out’ journey.

Additionally, two guest speakers from the LGBTI community will join us to tell their stories and take part in open and honest Q&A sessions. Speakers include transgender, intersex, lesbian, gay and bisexual people who have navigated the difficult, and sometimes painful, journey of recognising a sexual or gender diversity and what it meant for them to tell friends and family.

At the conclusion of this course participants will:

  • be able to dispel ten of the common myths surrounding the LGBTI community
  • recognise where these myths are used in our culture to marginalise LGBTI people
  • identify common issues LGBTI people face and how to address them
  • be given opportunity to ask honest and difficult questions to those with lived experience

Trainer: Matt Glover

Prerequisites: None

Who should attend?

Anybody who works with or cares for LGBTI people. Counsellors, psychologists, health workers, teachers, social workers, aged care workers, clergy, parents and friends are all welcome to attend.


To maximise the learning environment, places are strictly limited and fill quickly. To book your place, please visit the Registration Page.

More information

A downloadable brochure is available on the Resource Page.

For any further enquiries, please use the Contact Page or call Matt on 1300 38 50 20.

Melbourne Course

Monday 14th May, 2018

A must for all who work in mental health.

Psychologist, Sydney

Thanks so much. This is the start of a great learning and a helpful future for me

Counsellor, Melbourne