Advanced Course

The one day Advanced Course is designed to build on the material presented in the Introductory Course by looking at working with different demographics within the LGBTI community. Participants will also look at ways of avoiding some of the most common mistakes practitioners make when working with LGBTI individuals and couples.

The first half of the day examines the issues related to working with young people, couples, blended same-sex parented families and the elderly. The issue of ‘MOM’ (Mixed Orientation Marriages) is also addressed.

The second half of the day covers some of the common mistakes workers make when working with LGBT clients, including practical issues like the set up of a waiting room, intake forms, and the language that is used in the work place.

Additionally, two guest speakers from the LGBTI community will join us to tell their stories and take part in open and honest Q&A sessions. Speakers include transgender, intersex, lesbian, gay and bisexual people who have navigated the difficult, and sometimes painful, journey of recognising a sexual or gender diversity and what it meant for them to tell friends and family.

At the conclusion of this course participants will:

  • be better equipped to work with LGBTI young people, couples, families and elderly
  • recognise how their workplaces can be more LGBTI friendly
  • identify mistakes commonly made by people working with LGBTI clients and ways to avoid those mistakes
  • be given opportunity to ask honest and difficult questions to those with lived experience

Trainer: Matt Glover

Prerequisites: It is strongly recommended that participants complete the Introductory Course before attending the Advanced Course.

Who should attend?

Anybody who works with or cares for LGBTI people. Counsellors, psychologists, health workers, teachers, social workers, aged care workers, clergy, parents and friends are all welcome to attend.


To maximise the learning environment, places are strictly limited and fill quickly. To book your place, please visit the Registration Page.

More information

A downloadable brochure is available on the Resource Page.

For any further enquiries, please use the Contact Page or call Matt on 1300 38 50 20.

Melbourne Course

Tuesday 15th May, 2018

The speakers and topics were all great for informing my practice of care

Pastoral Carer, Melbourne

The course content, guest speakers and video presentations all exceeded my expectations

Counsellor, Melbourne