Encounter the LGBTI Community

Professional Development Training in LGBTI Issues and Culture

Recent years have seen great leaps forward in our understanding of diverse sexuality and gender. However, people that identify as LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex) or who are coming to terms with a diverse sexuality or gender expression are still at more risk of poor mental health and suicide. The aim of the Encounter Series is to highlight the common issues that LGBTI people face through a combination of interactive teaching, video presentations and real life stories.

The one day Introductory Course covers the ten most common myths surrounding the LGBTI community and sets the record straight by presenting the latest research and lived experience. In the second half of the day, we look at the common issues in the LGBTI community, with a special emphasis on the ‘coming out’ journey.

The one day Advanced Course looks at working with LGBTI young people, couples, families and the elderly, as well as LGBTI spirituality. Stories, research and experience again form the basis of the day, with the flexibility to cover specific situations of sub-groups relevant to the participants needs or situation.

As well as interactive learning, on each day guest speakers from the LGBTI community will share their unique stories and take part in a Q&A session to show first hand what it is like to grow up discovering you are part of a misunderstood and often maligned minority group. Speakers are drawn from all areas of the LGBTI community and have been chosen because of their openness, honesty and compassionate approach in sharing their joys, their hurts, and the journey ahead.

The Encounter Series is essential for those working with LGBTI clients, employing LGBTI people or simply those wanting to gain a better understanding of the journey of a person they care for. To maximize the space for learning and discussion, places are limited at each course and fill quickly. Register now to secure your place or call 1300 38 50 20 to inquire about running an “Encounter” series as part of your organisational training program or ‘Rainbow Tick’ accreditation.

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A great course that exceeded my expectations.

Psychologist, Sydney

Just when you thought you knew everything about the LGBTI community! My eyes were opened like never before on the subject of intersex.

Counsellor, Melbourne

The course contained excellent, accessible information, and the additional resources are invaluable. I’ve not been disappointed.

Psychologist, Brisbane

Melbourne Introductory Course

Monday 14th May, 2018
Doncaster Room
Manningham City Square
687 Doncaster Road

Melbourne Advanced Course

Tuesday 15th May, 2018
Doncaster Room
Manningham City Square
687 Doncaster Road

Encounter the Inclusive Community

This course assists faith based organisations and workers to develop an affirming theology as a basis for their practice and avoid the harm caused by religion in the past.

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Why we need training in LGBTI Issues and Culture

I do not think marriage equality is the end-game for LGBT people in Australia and around the world. In many ways, the marriage equality argument has become symbolic for LGBT rights generally and for that, I am truly thankful that it has garnered support from gay straight alike and helped focus rights and discrimination in a way that nothing else has achieved. In that way, it has become a synecdoche for the greater more global fight to transform our society from being homophobic, either overt or covert, from being heteronormative and from being heterosexist into a model where gay sexuality is both accepted and celebrated. When coming out no longer has to be a hugely difficult thing for young people, when parents no longer see their children being gay as a disappointment, when being gay is understood for what it actually is – a ‘being’ word, rather than a ‘doing’ word, when partners can be introduced as partners and not as ‘friends’, when the Church abandons its sin and rejection of God model of gay sexuality, when countries don’t pass Draconian laws to make life hard for gay people, when being gay is not a crime, when the world starts to get the notion that the human race is diverse and exotic, then we can all call a cease-fire and accept the new paradigm as normality.

Dr Stuart Edser – Newcastle Psychology & Health

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About the Trainer

Matt Glover has been working with the LGBTI community in various capacities for the last twenty years. He is an accredited counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association, holds a Masters degree in counselling from Monash University, and is director of MGA Counselling Services in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs. Matt has been involved in a variety of counselling and pastoral care roles ranging from home based palliative care to emergency relief and crisis support. Through his private practice he provides individual, couple, family and group counselling, as well as professional and personal development courses on a range of topics. He speaks regularly at conferences and in the media on the topics of sexuality, spirituality and mental health. Call 1300 38 50 20 to speak to Matt about the ‘Encounter’ training or to book one of the team for a speaking engagement. Email: matt@mgacounselling.com.au

Matt is an excellent facilitator, is easy to approach, and is very warm and friendly.

Matt is well spoken, very personable and has great presentation skills!

What a great presentation! Very thorough and knowledgeable.

Very respectful of the courage, openness and insights the speakers shared.

The “Encounter the LGBTI Community” professional development series and its guest speakers are supported by

Transgender Victoria
MGA Counselling Services
Diversity Project
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